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Whether you are headed to office or for a special occasion, whether it is a romantic evening or a fun day out with your girlfriends, the right pair of earrings can do a lot for you. As a matter of fact, the right pair of earrings can ensure that your look is complete or incomplete. There are those women who like to keep things understated and prefer studs or simple earrings, no matter what the occasion, but if you are someone who has worn a jhumka once, chances are that you will never go back. If you have enjoyed wearing jhumkas once, you will want to keep going back to them and most women who have picked up one pair will keep going back for more!

However, what most people don’t know is that there are several types of jhumkas and even though you might have several of them in your collection, chances are that you don’t even know they are referred to as something specific. Read on to know more about the wonderful world of jhumkas and if there is any one of them that is missing from your collection, pick it up today!

  • The trendy silver oxide jhumkas– These are probably the most popular types of jhumkas and mostly everyone own at least one pair. Wearing silver on a daily basis is not possible, because they will oxide due to the oxygen in the air. However, the already oxidised ones have a blacker shade, giving them a unique look and making them easier to maintain. You can find several shapes, sizes and designs when it comes to silver oxidised jhumkas, and whether you want ones with stones or beads, you should be able to find those quite easily too.
  • The chunky hoop jhumkas– If you are someone who has a love affair with chunky jewellery, then you already own quite a few pairs of hoop jhumkas already. The hoop jhumkas are a combination of the normal hoops and the traditional jhumkas, making them a fusion option in the world of earrings. In most cases, there is a hoop and at the end of the hoop, there is a jhumka. These days, the crescent shaped hoop jhumkas are extremely trending and there are a lot of iterations of the same out in the market. Given that they are generally quite lightweight, you can wear them regularly and they work really well with traditional and casual attires.
  • The ever stylish ear cuffs – These are the latest and hottest trends in the world of jhumkas, and even celebrities are choosing them for the red carpet. When ear cuffs meet jhumkas, they create a style statement so effortlessly that you will want them for yourself too. The way these jhumkas are designed are so that the top part covers the cartilage of the ear and then there is a jhumka on the base. The most common designs for ear cuff jhumkas are peacocks, but these days you will find them in a range of designs. While you could always wear the simple design for every day purposes, you should be able to find heavier pieces which will work a treat for weddings and parties.
  • The regal Kashmiri jhumkas – Kashmiri women have been wearing these jhumkas since a long time, but all of a sudden they have become a rage amongst the fashionistas of the world. The best part of these jhumkas is that you can wear the same pair in multiple way – you can choose to keep both the hangings in the front, you can choose to tuck one hanging behind your ear or you could pin one hanging into your hair. Kashmiri jhumkas have become a must have, simply because they are such easy attention grabbers.
There are plenty of other types of jhumkas too – meenakari jhumkas, kundan work jhumkas, diamond jhumkas, chandbaali jhumkas and many more. The type of jhumka you choose will be dependent on the occasion and of course your budget too.
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